Need a second wind? A supernatural lift for distressing times? Here’s a song and a story for just that: Once there was a young girl flying a kite in a wide open field (THE WORLD). The winds were strong and cleansing, but her kite was caught in a spiraling tumble, and she couldn’t seem to bring it a-right. A seasoned and wise one (SPIRIT) came along, and seeing the kite spinning aimlessly, offered help. “My dear, you need some weight on the tail of your kite. The weight (TRUTH) will allow your kite to fly straight and true.” He drew in the kite, tore pages from the dog-eared, beloved holy book (WISDOM) he carried, and tied them gingerly to the kite’s tail. Then he released the kite up into the wind and back into the hands of the child. The higher the kite flew, and the closer it rose towards the warmth of the sun, the more difficult it became for the girl to hold on. She planted her feet firmly in the soil, yet the resistance upon the string continually increased as the kite became smaller and smaller, racing toward the sun (LIGHT). She was beginning to doubt that she could fly the kite, and regretted allowing it to go so very high into the sky, although she imagined it to be in a place of complete peace and freedom. She cried out to the man for help, “Please! Cut the string! I can no longer hold on!” The wise one replied, “My dear, though you long to be free of the great resistance upon the string, if there were no resistance, the kite would fall from the sky. The resistance is the very catalyst for the kite to fly higher.” My dear friends, I, too, feel the great resistance of these times, both personally and globally. There are days I cry out to be free of it, but shall we? Shall we purpose together to allow all of THIS to lift us higher and higher into love, peace, freedom and spiritual growth? Can you allow this song to lift you today? Will you be child-like with me for a moment and let your heart be lifted towards the sun? Sending you so much love. FLY INTO THE SUN, Copyright, Anjie’s Tunes, 2020, ASCAP, all rights reserved.


Fly into the Sun (The Kite Song)
Anjie Carpenter, copyright, Anjie’s Tunes, 2019


I am a kite, flying so high

Soaring upon the winds of the morning

I have bright bows on my tail, they never fail

To keep me from spinning around aimlessly


I fly into the sun

I fly into the sun


I am a kite, and with all of my might

I’m soaring upon the winds of the morning

I have a string, it’s such a bothersome thing

But the resistance its brings helps me go higher


I fly into the sun

I fly into the sun


I am a kite sailing into the light

Soaring upon the wind of the morning

I have a wooden cross on my back

It gives me the strength that I lack

With linens of white stretched around me


I fly into the sun

I fly into the sun



I fly into the sun

I fly into the sun


The father I go the better that I know

The higher I flee the clearer I see

Over the earth, above all the storm

Ever closer to home