Co-written and co-produced by Anjie Carpenter and Christopher Henry in Charlotte, NC.


Norman not enough was a good enough guy
But he doesn't think so, and no one knows why
In all that he does, well, he tries and he tries
But a strange kind of emptiness rattles inside

Cause there's not enough time
and not enough dough
Not enough laughter and no one to hold
There's not enough happiness filling his heart
And way to much fear bouncing around in his mind

Late in the evening Norm falls into bed
Meaningless memes float around in his head
And he drifts off into a familiar night scene
A mirrored reflection of her again singing,

"There's just enough time, and plenty of dough"
"Long miles of laughter and lovers to hold"
"There's so much to live for and new ways to love"
"Always enough, always enough"

Allie always enough is a magical soul
Most are half-empty but she's more than full
She finds light in the grayest of days
Allie knows everything works out okay

Cause there's just enough time, and plenty of dough
Long miles of laughter and lovers to hold