1. I Am a Song
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"I Am A Song" is Anjie's personal theme song, yet somehow an anthem for us all. During a season of deep sorrow years ago, frustrated by her inability to rise above the emotions of sadness, Anjie called a spiritual mentor for help. This wise man said simply, "Anjie, your life is a song. Good songs have both high and low notes. Your song just wouldn't be as beautiful without the low notes. You have to be willing to play the low notes, too." This bit of wisdom calmed her and gave her grace to accept herself in the moment. Sometime soon after, she passed a billboard that said, "Life lived one verse at a time." The song began to form inside of her. Each of us is a completely unique "song" in the earth, needing to be both sung and heard. Low and high notes are essential to life and growth, and together they make a truly beautiful melody.


I Am A Song, Anjie Carpenter, copyright, Anjie's Tunes, ASCAP 2019

I am a song lived line by line
Written one verse at a time
A rhythm begging for a rhyme
A tempo looking for a sign

My memories weave a melody
Like lyrics spinning through a dream
Scribbled words on a page
They will not rest until they're played

The high notes flow like waterfalls
While low notes lay on me like stones
But I have to sing them all
Their harmony will be my song
Yes, I have to sing them all
Their harmony will be my song

Sometimes I'm a chorus worthy of repeat
Other times I'm a solo, low and sad and sweet
One day I'll be a bridge where you and I will meet

I am a song lived line by line

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