Anjie Carpenter is an American singer, song-writer and musician with over forty self-penned songs across a musical span of three decades of writing and performing. Called the "Marlene Dietrich" of Nashville, she is best known for her soaring, angelic vocals and complex and compelling melodies telling authentic relatable stories of life, love and growing.

"Anjie's unique combination of wisdom and innocence creates a wonderful sense of discovery and purpose. Using her natural strengths as a teacher and nurturer, she writes and sings about life's truth and her experiences." Joe Kuhlman, Owner, The Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC

"Anjie Carpenter is a talented singer-songwriter with a smooth and warm voice. She touches the audience with the emotion she brings to her songs." John Tosco, Executive Director, Tosco Music Party, Charlotte, NC

"I ardently follow the creation and release of songs by Anjie Carpenter. Her work often has a message in it that hints of an organic spirituality she has found as her own life unfolds. It's not in your's subtle. It's more about noticing and celebrating magic moments in our everyday that are easy to miss if we don't open ourselves up to noticing them." Dianne Porter, Owner of Jammalong, Canberra, Australia

Instruments: piano, guitar, harmonium, hang drum

Performance Rights Affiliation: ASCAP

Publishing Company, Anjie's Tunes

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Americana, Folk, Country, Country-rock, Country-folk, Bluegrass, Gospel

Albums: Arise My Love, Old Front Porch, Turn the Quiet Up

Education: BA in Elementary Education, MA in English Language Acquisition from Western Governor's University



Anjie Carpenter